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Episode 383: Get Some Board Games In

April 5th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 2 Comments

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This episode was recorded on short notice thanks to last week’s late posting, so the Listener Feedback that responded to 382 couldn’t make it here. Paul and Jonah discuss some board games with remarkably similar themes they played in the past few days. Paul also waits for his compensation for The Sims Freeplay.

The news of the week includes:

  • Microsoft discontinues Kinect for Windows
  • Microsoft says open source Windows is “definitely possible”
  • OnLive shuts down streaming games service, sells patents to Sony
  • Mario Maker gets release date

No Listener Feedback this week, so the Question of the Week remains the same: “What do you think the future is for old games?”

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Episode 382: Late But Not Too Late

March 31st, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, this episode was recorded on Monday, but despite the lateness, it’s full of rich news items, including some very disturbing trends in videogames, as well as a question by a listener that got mental juices flowing. This week’s Gaming Flashback is Professor Pac-Man.

The news items include:

  • Headteachers in UK threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games
  • Star Citizen‘s Vanguard “concept” fighter costs a cool $250
  • PC version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches on Steam without key features
  • Zelda delay could ruin Nintendo’s 2015
  • New Jersey game store “swatting” takes an uglier turn

This week’s Question of the Week: “What do you think is the future of older games?”

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Episode 381: Nudity Next Time

March 22nd, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week’s episode is full of pop culture references, again, as Inspector Gadget, Matthew Broderick, My Little Pony and The Garry Shandling Show all get some airtime. In addition, Paul discusses his frustration with The Sims Freeplay, and Jonah threatens that in the next episode, he’ll be naked and Paul will wear a silly hat.

The news includes:

  • Free Windows 10 for pirates
  • Kojima breaks silence over departure rumours
  • Atari to indie dev: Stop ripping off your own work on Tempest 2000
  • Xbox For Sale – the rumours just won’t quit
  • Nintendo’s next-generation console is codenamed ‘NX’

All that and a Listener Feedback.

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Episode 380: Calling All Goats

March 15th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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After a week off from Jonah being at PAX East 2015 and Paul being at GDC, the podcast is back, as this week’s Gaming Flashback is the landmark Guitar Hero. In addition, the podcast learns too late that Cities: Skylines runs on Windows XP. Paul also deals with goats, and the podcast is giving away a free code for Catlateral Damage.

This week’s news items include:

  • Report: Mississippi deputy fired over threatening Xbox Live players
  • Cities: Skylines breaks Paradox sales records
  • Titanfall DLC is free forever on Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360
  • Goat Simulator is coming to Xbox One and 360 in April
  • Cards Against Humanity is now online, free

This week’s Question of the Week, “What is your favorite gaming snack?”

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Episode 379: Dizzney

March 2nd, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week’s episode was going to be short thanks to a lack of news, but Paul and Jonah get into a long discussion about the Disney Afternoon from the 90’s. which makes up for the lack of a Gaming Flashback or History.

This week’s news includes:

All this and Listener Feedback too.

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Episode 378: Hilary 2015

February 20th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week has a very special guest, former IGN editor and current Dog and Thimble podcast host Hilary Goldstein, as he teams up with Paul to razz Jonah incessantly, as well as add a certain amount of NSFW spice to this week’s proceedings.

The news items include:

  • Rock Band DLC hints at a comeback
  • Sony appears to have ‘abandoned’ its trademark for The Last Guardian
  • Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae demo detailed
  • Nvidia’s big March 3rd event – is it a gaming phone?
  • After raising $114,000 on Kickstarter, dev goes silent
  • BioWare co-founder Greg Zeschuk has come back from retirement

All this and Listener Feedback.

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Episode 377: Bronies, Welcome!

February 8th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 2 Comments

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This week’s podcast begins on a sorrowful note, as since in the past week guest host Andrew Yoon (who co-hosted episode #374) passed away after drowning during a trip to Texas, while Jonah and Paul eulogize him.

No Gaming Flashback this week, but plenty of news items:

  • League of Legends tourney places limit on LGBT players
  • SOE acquired, becomes Daybreak Game Company
  • Nintendo wants to make a comeback with cheaper software
  • EA exec: “Our games are actually still too hard to learn”

This week’s Question of the Week: “What videogame do you still get emotional about?”

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Episode 376: Giggles and Stuff

February 3rd, 2015 by jonahfalcon · No Comments

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The episode is a little late in publishing, though it was recorded on time – you know, real-life delays. However, it’s worth the wait as the Gaming Flashback is Team Ico’s second title, a PlayStation 2 title called Shadow of the Colossus.

There’s also some of the meatiest news of the year, which includes:

  • Joystiq and Massively shut down amid AOL downsizing
  • Left Behind Games executive fined millions by the SEC, banned from trading stock
  • Bill Gates says he’s concerned about machines becoming super-intelligent
  • Google changes UK privacy policy, but avoids hefty fine

The Question of the Week is “Should Nintendo partner with Disney?

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Episode 375: And We’re Back

January 25th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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After a problematic week, Episode 375 is now up, with tons of news. So much that there’s no room for a Gaming Flashback or a Gaming History.

The news includes:

  • Joystiq no longer scoring” reviews
  • New Harmonix survey points to Rock Band 4
  • Hatred gets an AO rating in US
  • Disney, Activision both claim landslide victory in toys-to-life category
  • Microsoft maintaining $349 price point on Xbox Ones
  • Windows 10 includes in-home game streaming from Xbox One

This week’s Question of the Week: “What, if any, was your favorite part of Rock Band?”

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Episode 374: Lost in a Crowd

January 11th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 2 Comments

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This week’s episode of Gaming Podcast has a special guest co-host, Andrew Yoon, formerly of Joystiq and currently in card game and video game development. The Gaming Flashback is the one that started them all: LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game.

The slow news week includes:

  • DDoS service targeting PSN and Xbox powered by home Internet routers
  • Japanese console sales continued to slide in 2014
  • Evolve’s questionable bargain: pre-purchase to avoid the unlock grind
  • Sony delays PS4 in China

The Question of the Week: “What is your favorite, if any, LEGO videogames?”

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