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Echos of Doom Is Alive!

October 15th, 2008 by Derrick Schommer · 1 Comment

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Although we reported the latest 3.0.2 World of Warcraft patch Live yesterday, we weren’t considering the sheer amount of gamers that would be jumping on to try all the new content. Honestly, the realms were up and down for hours – more down than up for our realm.

This update is absolutely huge and game changing. This is probably one of the largest updates since Burning Crusade in changes, updates and additions to the game play. Map changes, talent updates, game balancing and entirely new additions and a profession to boot.

We found ourselves spending a lot of time on the talent tree because this wasn’t a simple re-balance but a restructure of many character talents. Not to mention hunters pets getting their own talent trees. We tried to get our talents distributed and tested but the realm would go offline. Apparently, it’s been all smooth sailing today so hopefully gamers can actually… game.

Of course, the world is reacting to adjustments to the new profession. Because it relies on herbalism you may notice peacebloom and other basic materials sky rocketing to 12 gold in price, for what should typically be a few silvers. The “free market economy” is out of control with the changes, hopefully some of these will die down as gamers settle into their new profession.

Next, find 3.0.2 addon updates for everything we were used to. That’s a long road ahead.

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  • 1 MikeNo Gravatar // Oct 15, 2008 at 4:39 pm

    “Apparently, it’s been all smooth sailing today so hopefully gamers can actually… game.”

    Apparently you’ve either been asleep all OR are fortunate enough to be on one of the few servers that hasn’t been having continuos “world server down” problems all day.

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