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Sony’s PS3 Real 10 Year Plan: Home Entertainment Takeover

December 29th, 2008 by Derrick Schommer · 56 Comments

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The PlayStation 3 is the slow seller in the United States but Sony still holds belief in their “10 year plan.” Many of us consider this to be the same style of plan Sony used with the PS2, sell your console through multiple generations and own the market share. The PS2‘s launch was much more graceful when compared to its 7th generation counterpart. Perhaps the PS3 has a different destiny… perhaps they want to remove all other media boxes from your living room.

Imagine a life without a cable box or Tivo and you’re probably envisioning Sony’s road map for a media distribution empire. First, remove Tivo from the situation with a DVR style box using their PlayTV technologies, wired up to the PlayStation 3 using a USB connection. The United States hasn’t seen a launch of PlayTV, more than likely because the PS3 isn’t a huge console here yet and Tivo is partnered with many cable and satellite providers already.

Senior director of the PlayStation Network, Susan Panico said Sony “looks aspirationally at HBO, the way they have Sex and the City and other shows” (gamespot) after admitting Sony wants to replace cable boxes in the home. Tivo has already done a great job removing the need for a cable box, allowing you to rent a “cable card” to insert into a Tivo and gain access to all their content for your DVR needs. DirectTV offers (or has in the past) a Tivo or Tivo-like DVR solution. Cable and DirectTV offer the ability to rent their DVR or offer a solution to purchase your own at a retail outlet What if Sony decides to partner with one or more of these providers to offer an all-in-one solution. PS3 owners wouldn’t have to purchase additional equipment and could be up and running immediately with hard disks big enough to handle HD content.

Sony could offer you a graphically appealing gaming experience, a high definition BluRay solution, media distribution for renting movies, an iTunes style online store for purchasing and playing music all wrapped up in a DVR solution. All this content for a $400 price tag is a value when all the offers are combined into one tiny black box.

Looking at today’s Tivo Series3 HD DVR you’ll notice the ability to play music directly from iTunes, browse and play Youtube shows, watch Disney offerings and even high definition NetFlix playback. The Tivo DVR’s can also talk with other DVR’s in the household making it easy to share TV records across systems. The only thing missing in the Tivo solution is a high definition gaming platform and the BluRay hardware.

We’re all sitting here poking fun at the small PS3 game library and telling people that BluRay is going to lose out to HD downloads yet we may be missing the bigger picture: an all-in-one media empire solution. The PS3 may not carry the largest game library compared to the Xbox 360 or the sales records of the Wii but if Sony finds a way to become a reliable and required media set top box they may realize their true “10 year plan.”

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  • 1 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 2:57 am

    “small PS3 game library”

    two posibilities: either you have no idea what you are talking about or you haven’t payied any atention to the releases of the last year or so, Sony has a slightly higher number of exclusives than 360 (something like 12 to 10), and of course PS3 was released a year after 360 but many of the games that appeared on the 360 during that time were also released on PS2 like call of duty 2

    also sony has at least 10 exclusives AAA titles for 2009 (infamous, god of war, heavy rain, gran turismo, uncharted 2, yakusa 3, killzone, white knight chronicles, FFXIII versus and more) and 360 has NONE (all it has is a halo expansion and a generic looking ninja game that’s not AAA)

    “PS3 owners wouldn’t have to purchase additional equipment”

    wrong again, playTV is up and running in Europe and a converter box is required to be added to the PS3 to use it

    try to do more research next time

  • 2 SigmaNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 5:51 am

    One TINY box? Even if the rest is feasible given Sony’s current tanking stocks and lackluster sales across all fields, the fact that you consider the PS3 tiny is evidence enough of your deluded mind.

  • 3 Mark BNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 8:43 am

    It’s a shame that Sony doesn’t advertise the PS3’s capabilities in the media as much as they should. I reckon if Sony did an ad that touched on all of the PS3’s capabilities (or as much as can be fitted into the ad’s length) They may get more people round to the overall value of the machine.

    Even making references to the PSP connectivity (remote play etc) which you never hear about, (perhaps showing someone sitting in Starbucks somewhere playing a game remotely with people approching them asking what they’re doing) or (using play TV from your machine in the UK whilst sitting in a coffee bar in Australia)

    The possibilities for ad’s are endless and reference could be made that other consoles and media solutions can’t do the same thing. If some focused advertising like this were done we would see some eyes being opened next year particularly if these ad’s coincide with a hardware price cut.

  • 4 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 10:31 am

    Oh oh, looks as if my article has found itself on a Sony fanboy site…

    Just letting you know now, if you can’t keep it clean your comments are going in the trash.

  • 5 jonahfalconNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    Show them your Zelda T-shirt, Derrick. :p

  • 6 TD Gaming Podcast 103: Last of 2008 | Gaming Podcast // Dec 30, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    […] Sony wants to become the next Tivo? […]

  • 7 David MacphailNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 6:08 pm

    Only non – gamers would poke fun of the PS3’s game library. Maybe the 360 does have more games available but since most of them are complete garbage i don’t think that counts for much. Why don’t you go take a look at Metacritic and see how well “Gears Of Bad Graphics 2″ or “Fable 1.5″ did compared to LittleBigPlanet???

    It must be embarassing that the 360 can’t score a game in the high 90’s……just goes to show that the PS3 is quality over quantity.

  • 8 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 7:07 pm

    “Sony fanboy site… ”

    that really confirms that you have no idea what you’re talking about

    did you know for example that PS3 sold more consoles and more games in 2008 than 360?

    you probably didn’t know it and now find it hard to believe but it’s true (worldwide) because all you know comes from the microsoft propaganda articles that we see everyday saying how bad the PS3 is doing

    and not only the 360 has no future in terms of games, with gears 2 it reached it’s peak and PS3 doesn’t have a single game yet that uses over 50% of the hardware power

    and I have a 360, it’s unplugged and gathering dust and it looks like it’s going to remain like that for a long time, nothing on 2009 makes me want to plug it back in (only have one HDMI plug on the TV)

  • 9 razyshadyNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 9:41 pm

    Derrick we’ll keep it clean…. just do more research next time.

    2009 a ton of games are coming out.
    2008 was a good year… crappy for the recession though because lower class can’t afford the ps3.. only the wii and crappy arcade version of the xbox.

    I believe one of the reasons PlayTV hasn’t made its way to North America yet… is because of the greedy cable companies. They will block Sony trying to steal their market share just for the simple fact that U.S.A hates foreign products… specially from Japan.

    I also believe PlayTV receives over the air HD signals in Europe… theres not many of those in Canada at least… very little broadcasting from the CN tower.

    (Not I am too high to research more into this at the moment…. but I’m not the one who wrote this article and is now getting trashed for it)

    If I could get rid of my Rogers box and replace it with playtV that’d be truly amazing.

    Screw Rogers, and Screw Shaw… I’d rather buy PlayTV and just add it to my ps3…. the only other thing hooked up to my HDTV would be my A/V receiver….. 2 devices… WOW!!!

    (remember you can swap in your own HDD to ps3… that’d be an amazing PVR…. dual HD tuner.. you can play games while recording tv shows)

    10 Yr Plan….I can see this happening in the … ps3 in every room of the house!

    P.S I hate ignorant americans who trash the ps3 with incorrect facts or lack of research…

    So much hate on the ps3 right now…. specially from big market american websites and news channel…. jerk faces.

    Derrick I tried my best to keep this clean.. but stop writing dumb ass articles boy… do some damn research next time.. you PB!! (pu*** bi***)

  • 10 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 9:55 pm


    Not exactly sure what “research” needs to be done for me to write an article about my expectations on the Sony 10 year plan.

    It seems I can write an article about how Sony’s going to attempt to take control of the set top box, giving them all the credit in the world for having an all-in-one solution and yet STILL get sony fanboys telling me how I’m a Sony hater.

    “I hate ignorant americans who trash the ps3 with incorrect facts or lack of research…”

    I hate ignorant people, in general, that assume that you need to do in-depth research when Sony has flat out stated their goal. I also hate folks that find a reason to hate on an article that is clearly showing off why Sony can pull it off.

    In short, you can’t just take it for what it is: proof that Sony’s going in the direction of a full cable box style take-over. If you want me to trash the PS3 I can trash it.

    I think everyone’s just upset because so many outlets are showing off the problems with the PS3 sales model and future goals and slow sales on the games they were hoping would be huge (like LBP). Then, someone like me says “hey, check this out, this makes sense for a Sony 10 year plan” and you’re all up in my grill about how I hate on it.

    Trust me, if I want to hate on it you’ll know.

  • 11 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    @Doa766: And I’m told I don’t have my facts straight :) Wow. You want some research and graphics and maybe some charts too?


    I’m sure they’re all wrong though; Sony’s doing GREAT with the PS3…I swear! The 360 has no future!

    You can unplug your 360 all you want, but it doesn’t make it any less true that they’re selling the console better than most would have ever expected and games to boot! GTA would still be a PS3 exclusive if Rockstar/Take-Two could afford to let Sony buy it out as an exclusive… just too many damn 360’s being sold to let that market go untapped.

    Alas, there is no point in arguing with a few folks that already have it in their mind. Since their own 360 is “gathering dust” everyones must be. Just ignore the gamasutra charts that speak otherwise.

  • 12 razyshadyNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 10:24 pm


    Derrick fair enough.

    cool that you responded.. everyone has a right for an opinion.

    I was high when I wrote this shit… lol

    Canadian ehhhh

    I’ll retract my statement about you being a PB….. but you can now use that term for smacking talking people lol.

    I’m just getting pissed off with all the hate articles lately. (which yours wasn’t)

    There are a ton of games out there that I Want to buy… just don’t have time to play them right now… too many to choice from.

    That’s cool you are backing the 10YR plan… because I can see it happening 4 sure!

    I really want Play TV to come to Canada man…. I really dislike Rogers and Shaw.. they are greedy mofos.

    Blu-Ray = Beautiful!!!


    Sony NEEDS to promote the hell out of KillZone 2… or they are PB’s!!!

  • 13 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    @razy, Canada is really in a bad situation, in my opinion, Rogers is way too powerful. The same can be said here as well with Comcast and, in some ways, even DirectTV.

    First, customer support is a nightmare and you’ve got to pit them all against each other to get an average sized deal.

    Then, they want you to pay $16+ a month to “rent” a Tivo DVR (“only” $14.00 to rent a generic DVR). I can buy a full HD Tivo DVR for barely $300 on Amazon.com and then rent the cable card for $1.50 (first one is free though).

    With cable we’re locked into the provider in the area and that leaves us very little option for something different, something better or something just as an alternative.

    Sony will have a hard battle ahead trying to break the DVR in the United States, I think, mainly because Tivo is rooted pretty good and is almost a household name while cable companies don’t want to lose anything.

    Sony would have to lay down some mad cash to partner with the cable providers not try to unplant them. Offering a Tivo, generic and Sony solution to customers would allow cable companies to extend their offerings while customers get to enjoy more features.

    Then, we have to convince cable companies to allow PSN to stream audio/video easily on their service. In the States they try to throttle our bandwidth and limit our GB per month. Comcast has something like a 250GB soft limit each month – now that I’m using Netflix on my Tivo I’m surely burning and churning through that right quick! I’ve watched Heroes Season 1, 2 and now 3 in HD via Netflix Instant Queue.

    As for Blu-Ray, I don’t really care to own it myself as I’ve got plenty of other media outlets (mainly download HD). But, if I could get one built into a good DVR solution I’d probably find myself using it. Having it in a box I own gives me more motivation to use it then considering buying a stand alone blu-ray player.

    I try to avoid “hate” articles and write something about the possibilities of a technology. I don’t hate Sony’s PS3, I just refuse to spend the money on it since I already own a 360, Wii and a Mac. My priorities had me buy an HD Tivo and a new HD TV over the PS3.

    If the PS3 goes through a price drop that’s at least $100 I’ll get that and LBP a.s.a.p. I really want that game.

  • 14 razyshadyNo Gravatar // Dec 30, 2008 at 11:45 pm


    yeah Cable companies are corrupt…


    Digital Terminal Fee – $2.99
    HDTV Terminal Rental $12.95 (not even a PVR)

    sometime in 2009 all signals will be digital so they better waive that fee… jerk faces.

    Just like with cell phones… they charge a service fee that the gov no longer charges to the providers….

    Digital downloads will NOT pickup in Canada because…..

    capped at 60 gigs/month (Avg package)
    highest package 90 gigs/month
    $2 a gb after that…. max $25 a month…

    Blu-Ray is awesome… I can’t accept digital downloads until our ISPs step up their game.

    I want Verizon’s FIOS service… they’ve been offering fiber for like 3 -4 years now…. Canada won’t do that crap for awhile…. sucks

    Rogers is hosing me….

    I can go buy blu-ray movies from $15-$25 and I get to keep the damn thing…..

    (all in CDN funds….)

    Yeah LBP is pretty damn fun.
    It’s awesome to play online with friends.. or even random people.
    headsets make it better….. but its just clean humour which is awesome.

    You gotta be interested in Killzone 2 if your into FPS games at all.

    Some other FPS games that I am really looking forward to in 2009 – COD Modern Warfare 2 and “blood in the sand” purely because I’m a huge shady/aftermath/g-unit fan…. and I love the run n gun style of games… really fast paced.
    Exclusive tracks will be killer too… but there better be some music videos in HD taking advantage of blu-ray….

    I have a few buddies that are hardcore xbox fans…. but they also stated that when the price drops they will buy a ps3.

    a bunch of my other buddies already made the switch… but still play both systems because of their friends on live.

    P.S Gotta leave 1 note for you… have a happy new year… and if you like hockey.. Canada Vs US tomorrow in the world juniors…. going to be a crazy game because both of those teams have killed the competition like 12-0, and 15-0 and so on….

  • 15 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 9:55 am

    “If the PS3 goes through a price drop that’s at least $100 I’ll get that and LBP a.s.a.p. I really want that game.”

    you’re so cheap

    also you’re missing uncharted, resistance 1 and 2 (people who played both series know they’re better than gears), metal gear solid 4, motorstorm 2, etc

    and get ready because there’s no good 360 exclusives coming on 2009

    and donwloaded HD movies are a joke compared to blu ray (real 1080p), you have’t seen the dark knight until you see it on blu ray (and I saw it 3 times in theaters)

    but you deserve to miss all that because of your cheapness

  • 16 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 10:29 am

    Yes, I’m so cheap. I’ve got two kids and a single income family. Welcome to reality my friend :-)

    Some adults have to prioritize their purchasing, which may explain why everyone hasn’t run out and purchased a bluray player and say “DVD quality is just fine.”

    It’s “just fine” for those that have many priorities in life and “true high definition” isn’t on the top of the list.

    Doa766, you’re also on this kick of exclusives driving my desire to buy one or two consoles. Resistance and MGS4 are nice shooters, indeed. If I went out and got a PS3 MGS4 would definitely be on my list (behind LBP). However, given I don’t have an infinite money supply, both would probably not be on the list given I only have so much time/money for an FPS. However, the day of exclusivity driving one console to victory is over, it’s time to move on my friend.

    Downloadable HD movies are perfectly fine with me and probably 80% of the consumers. HD Netflix comes free of charge with my netflix service today. So, I can get HD movies of good quality (it’s HD after all) for free compared to spending $250+ for a BluRay player and $30 for a BluRay movie.

    The fact that you went and saw Dark Knight three times at the theatre already tells me your priorities, and movie watching is high on the list.

    Now, let’s talk about everyone else with real world priorities and we see why technology like this has a slow adoption rate. Price point.

  • 17 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 4:41 pm

    “slow adoption rate”

    the adoption rate of the blu ray is twice as fast as DVD was 10 years ago

    also you’re cheap because you say that you happyly spend 360 dollars on a ps3 and little big planet and not 460 when you have a wii and spend money on intangible HD movies

    don’t mention you’re kids you justify your cheapness, it’s just 100 dollars and the online is free and you get a blu ray player

  • 18 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    “Downloadable HD movies are perfectly fine with me”

    probably the first xbox was “perfectly fine” with you but you spend money on a better system, it’s the same with downloable HD movies

    it’s an upgrade and a big one, but don’t worry sooner or later you’ll be watching movies on blu ray like all the HD DVD fanboys who sweared they’ll never do it

    now that I thing about it you’re probably one of those, and I’ll bet you had a HD DVD player and you’re pissed at sony because of it, and you probably bought it because it was cheaper than the blu ray player that was next to it at the store

  • 19 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 7:10 pm


    1. I never said I wouldn’t watch blu-ray. If you actually read the article rather than getting all defensive you’d see that I mention a great all-in-one PS3 solution with DVR giving blu-ray, HD download, streaming media, gaming and recorded TV shows. You may want to re-read.

    2. Priorities, something you either too young to understand, born from money or perhaps are just a bit too immature yet. That may or may not change. “Just 100 dollars” tells me all I need to know. Yep, I have a Wii for the kids, I’ve got free HD downloadable movies right now using my small monthly payment to Netflix and I have a 360 which I bought a few months after launch at a good price and there was nothing else showing competition at the time – so, I got what was out there and didn’t have to decide PS3 or 360.

    Lastly, I didn’t own BluRay or HDDVD, I refused to buy into it until there was a winner. Now, there is winner but the prices are too much right now. When I can buy a BluRay for $100 at a local retailer and get one that’s not bottom of the line, then I’ll consider it – well, if the BluRay discs drop to $15-20 bucks.

  • 20 jonahfalconNo Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    By the way, guys, how about posting comments elsewhere, listening to the podcasts, and so forth? Maybe you should actually find out what the site is about before you prattle on with bias accusations.

  • 21 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 8:01 pm

    too young? maybe this is the first time that you seen a new format, do you know you what was the price of a VHS movie when they were first released? 60 dollars

    the prices are too high right now? then I guess you didn’t buy a DVD player until 2003, companies need to get back teh search and developement costs

    the prices are not high, you get what you pay for

    the 360 is 60% failure rate console that reached it’s technical peak 3 years after it was released, whatever you paid for it it was too much, the PS3 has 8 years to go and more than half of it’s potential to be explored

    also since you didn’t comment on something that I said before let me repeat it: the 360 is pretty much obsolete now, all you have to look for in the future is inferior ports of multiplaform games, there’re no more AAA exclusives only halo spin offs and identical loking gears sequels

    so if you want to keep playing the latest games then to whatever you paid for the 360 you’ll have to add the price of a ps3, now that is expensive

    I bought the PS3 when it was released for 600 and I got a better deal than you

    there’s nothing wrong in having a 360 and having fun with it if it’s all you can afford but don’t try to convince yourself or others that you got a similar or better deal than you would with twice the money for a ps3 because it’s far from the truth, you need a little perspective you realize it though

  • 22 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 8:02 pm

    and regarding numbers you always have to remember that USA is not the world and only total numbers matter, PS3 sold more consoles and games than 360 on 2009, not that that matters to Sony

    Sony biggest interest was winning the format war not selling the PS3, or do you think that the same people who released a console in a rush with a 60% failure rate will invest money in developing a format for their next console, or they will use whatever is available on the industry when the time comes?

    and since blu ray discs can have several layers with a potential storage of 200 gbs it will be around for more than one generation

  • 23 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 8:33 pm

    “don’t try to convince yourself or others that you got a similar or better deal than you would with twice the money for a ps3 because it’s far from the truth, you need a little perspective you realize it though”

    Wow. Perhaps you read someone else’s article and decided to post comments to mine? Simply amazing.

    You must have been burned so badly by 360 fanboys in the past. No matter how many times I try to explain the situation, how many folks make their buying decisions (we don’t all have infinite money supplies) and how I was describing the Sony 10 year plan to take over the cable set top box you continue to go back to this 360 sucks and sony is awesome attitude.

    My 360 did fail. I did get it fixed. I’m still using it, I see no chance I’ll just stop in the near future. I’ve had it for a few years, if I stopped using it in 2009 I’d consider the time and money well spent. So, try as you might, you can tell me how obsolete my hardware is… it doesn’t matter because your opinion, in my eyes, is skewed and 150% wrong. You can keep arguing the fact but my opinion ain’t changing my friend.

    The BluRay product is growing faster than the DVD format…so? A turtle going 10x fast is a fast turtle, not a sports car. This means nothing to me.

    Why? Because I’ve never said BluRay is going to fail. You seem to presume I did though.

    No more exclusives for the 360? Oh no? Really don’t care. I don’t like Gears of War, I don’t care. I like Assassin’s Creed and GTA though. Oh, … not exclusives? Who the hell cares if you have a console that can play ‘em? Not I. I can play them. So can you! Everyone is happy.

    “I bought the PS3 when it was released for 600 and I got a better deal than you”

    The sounds of a sony fanboy! To presume I hate Sony because I don’t own one shows your youth. Or perhaps it’s a lack of understanding or, more than likely, the fact that you read the first few words of the article and wrote a comment.

    You can be a Sony fanboy. Every console needs a fanboy. I’ll just be the guy that sits back and watches the way the industry goes and writes about it. I’m a fanboy of my Tivo. I can watch Inspector Gadget in standard def and Heroes in High Definition and I’m happy about it. If I want to game I can go play on the 360 or let my kids watch a netflix cartoon on the 360.

    Continue to hate on my friend, as others read your perspective they’ll know your heart belongs to Sony – your one true love ;-)

  • 24 Doa766No Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    “I see no chance I’ll just stop in the near future.”

    unless you want to keep playig the same games over and over you’ll stop

    “Who the hell cares if you have a console that can play ‘em? ”

    multiplataform games are always based on the lowest common denominator in terms of hardware (360 on this case), so we the potential of the ps3 being explorer on the future, the 360 version will be inferior ports, the games that comanies thorw their best resources are always exclusives

    “I like Assassin’s Creed”

    bad taste then, nice graphics, awful gameplay

    “To presume I hate Sony because I don’t own one shows your youth”

    I’m 26, and you don’t hate sony you just dfon’t understan long term investments and you accuse those who do them of being drowned in money when they actually spending less than you

    “You can be a Sony fanboy”

    not really, I have an unplugged 360 that was used for gears 2 and fable (the other 360 “exclusives” I played them on PC)

    “Continue to hate on my friend, as others read your perspective they’ll know ”

    I don’t hate you, I disagree with you

    and let me put what I said before on another way: on november 2006, 600 dollars bought me a high definition movie player, a potential DVR/tivo, free online gaming for a decade or so, the most powerful console on the market for a decade or so with a wireless controller

    you have an almost obsolete 360 that costed you 300-350, you probably spend 100-150 on xbox live, you probably spend 30-40 on a wireless joystick, in the future you’ll have to spean 150-200 on a blu ray player and/or if you want to keep playing the best games you’ll have to buy a ps3 for 300-400

    I got all that two years ago for 600 when you were “poking fun at the small PS3 game library”

  • 25 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Dec 31, 2008 at 9:39 pm

    If you’re looking at the Xbox 360 or PS3 as a long term investment then you’re definitely not in the same field as I.

    I buy these toys for fun, not investment – just like I buy my cars. I don’t buy a car as a long term investment and I definitely don’t buy consoles as a long term investment. If you bought it as a long term investment and actually see the PS3 as an “investment” then your calculations are probably spot on.

    I’ll be playing my old 360 for years, I play it at least once to twice a week if I have time (mainly with Rock Band and Guitar Hero) – overall it’s been 100% worth the investment. You’ve not played yours, so you made a bad choice and you’re grumpy about it. I’ve not played my Wii that much (myself) and I still don’t get as grumpy about it.

    Somehow you can justify your numbers by taking todays costs and trying to tell me how I’m wasting money. If I hold out as long as I want, I’ll pickup a bluray player at $99.99 at Wal*Mart and some BluRay disks when they’re at $17.99. Sounds like WAY less than $600 that you spent already. I like my math better.

    My 360 had a wireless joystick, so I got that as part of the deal.

    For the money of a PS3, today, there is one game (maybe two) that I’d actually want to purchase. Not enough for me to justify a full console release. Maybe in 2009 if any of the games fit my style I’ll consider it.

    I remember 26, I had recently got out of college, no kids, a girlfriend with a job as well and we spent Friday nights buying books at Barnes & Noble, drinking coffee and being a couple of yuppies. It was definitely a good time, but that’s not where I’m at now, and plenty of other folks are in the same position as I, which is why we’re not called “bleeding edge adopters” :-)

    In our podcast, all year, I predicted 2008 was the year of Sony and their take-over. I was wrong, they disappointed me from a business standpoint and the lack of dominance compared to their past successes. Perhaps in 2009 they’ll start racing ahead, but no evidence that I’ve seen (actual evidence, not fanboy ranting) has shifted my expectations.

    I was hoping they’d pull forward of the 360 in a big way in the United States in 2008 so that they could become more competitive, drop pricing a bit (a wish, but doubtful) and give Microsoft a run for its money. Considering they’re going against a console with a 60%+ failure rate they should be stomping them by now… it’s a shame really. I’ve never wanted to back Microsoft, I refused the classic Xbox on principle alone.

    More than likely, Microsoft will launch a system that’s more powerful to the PS3 and cheaper a few years from now and we’ll see if Sony’s 10 year plan continues to hold. Perhaps with their game library, in two years, it will keep Microsoft’s next big console held back.

    Time will tell.

    I just had to laugh at all the ways you managed to put words in my mouth saying how I pretty much dissed Sony.

    I’ll quote myself…

    “Sony could offer you a graphically appealing gaming experience, a high definition BluRay solution, media distribution for renting movies, an iTunes style online store for purchasing and playing music all wrapped up in a DVR solution. All this content for a $400 price tag is a value when all the offers are combined into one tiny black box.”

    How you can turn this style of realization into me being some Sony hater simply amazes me. As if you never read a thing.

  • 26 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 1:16 am

    let me put it another way:

    they’re investement in the way of which console will give you more for your money: 10 years lifespan+free online gaming+blu ray player or 5 year lifespan (at the most)+50 dollars fee a year online gaming+no HD movie player

    “For the money of a PS3, today, there is one game (maybe two) that I’d actually want to purchase.”

    really, what about uncharted, metal gear, resistance 1 and 2, motorstorm 1 and 2, heavenly sword, valikiria chronicles, do you know how good they are or you just rather ignore them to trick yourself into not spending money?

    since you obviously have a good PC you play most of what the 360 has to offer there and you wouldn’t have to spend any money

    you buy the ps3 you need nothing else for a long time, buy the 360 and half way during the ps3 run you have to buy another console (xbox720 or the PS3 itself) and a HD movie player

    so that’s 350 for the 360+150 for the blu ray player+300 for the ps3 or xbox720 (or whatever it’s called), that’s a lot more than the 600 I spend once for the ps3

    but again, perspèctive is required

    you probably one of those people who refuse to spend 250 on nike shoes that will last 2 years and instead buy 5 pairs of crappy one at 75 each that all togerher last the same as one nike and still end up thinking you have a good deal

  • 27 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 1:23 am

    “More than likely, Microsoft will launch a system that’s more powerful to the PS3 and cheaper a few years from now and we’ll see if Sony’s 10 year plan continues to hold.”

    see that’s what you don’t understand, it will happen and it will cheaper than the ps3 but not if you add the price of the 360

    two microsoft consoles together will have the same lifespan of the PS3, it’s more money and also all the trouble of changing consoles

    also you have no idea of what the PS3 is capable, now it seems that it’s like the 360 but a little better, but it’s much more, and if MS releases another console halfway through the ps3 run the two consoles will be on similar ground once the ps3 potential is being explore

  • 28 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 1:48 am

    “Perhaps in 2009 they’ll start racing ahead, but no evidence that I’ve seen (actual evidence, not fanboy ranting) has shifted my expectations.”

    evidence not fanboy ranting? umm, try going to any website with a list of future releases for both consoles and you’ll what I mean when I say 360 has no future

    and on your podcast you should’ve tried to predict which console would have the best games, who cares if they sale 8 million or 12 million units other than sony? the games will come out the same and that’s all that matters

    and again: PS3 sold more consoles and games worldwide on 2008 than 360 by a very close number

    imagin the huge difference that would’ve been if both cosoles had the same price tag

  • 29 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 1:50 am

    Presuming you know what type of “person” I actually am is a very tough thing for you to pull off :)

    First, I’d not spend that much on shoes, because I can get a pair of nice $50.00 shoes to last me a year or so. I’d never buy $250.00 shoes to use everyday, one cut of the lawn and that’s a waste. Now I’d next a secondary “lawn” pair, two pairs for my suits and then a $250.00 pair so I can look cool? Nah.

    “since you obviously have a good PC you play most of what the 360 has to offer there and you wouldn’t have to spend any money”

    Obviously I do, right? I run a mac. I’m sure you’ll have plenty to say on that too though, so I’ll let you presume there too.

    I have no idea of what the PS3 is capable? I’ve done software development, hardware engineering and indy game development. Again, do not presume to know what I know.

    “two microsoft consoles together will have the same lifespan of the PS3, it’s more money and also all the trouble of changing consoles”

    In your opinion, yes. In mine, not so sure – I don’t presume to predict the future. Microsoft hasn’t been in the console race long enough for me to build trends like that.

    I understand all your path and how you feel you’re 600 is justified. Your perspective and priorities are just different. You justify spending 600 by doing all this math to realize, in the end, you already lost. You already own a 360 and a PS3 — your imaginary numbers only figure buying one but in reality you erred and purchased both.

    I only own a 360. So, in fact, I can buy two 360’s (one arcade unit perhaps) and more than likely the next generation for LESS than you’ve already spent.

    My math is simple: buy the console when it’s cheaper. I’ve lost nothing. I don’t have a desire or NEED for “the best graphics” or “the best 1080p” on the planet. I just don’t need it; you can attempt to persuade me that your decision to spend more money up front is better and you fit the same category as those that went out and bought expensive iPhones to be the first on the block and the “cool kids.” Then, later, folks went out and got it for half the price just for waiting a bit.

    I have no problem waiting a bit. I don’t have to be the cool kid with everyone else. I just don’t.

  • 30 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 1:59 am

    “imagin the huge difference that would’ve been if both cosoles had the same price tag”

    No kidding, right? Too bad stuffing all that fast, awesome and almost future-proof tech doesn’t come free ;-)

    “on your podcast you should’ve tried to predict which console would have the best games,”

    I’d never presume to predict “best games” because that’s highly subjective. I happen to enjoy many great titles on the 360, you may not. So, how would my prediction work? It’s so much easier to base it on hard numbers – 8 million vs. 10 million.

    Those that don’t use hard numbers and trends are the ones in denial. The PS3, world wide, may squeak by with more unit sales. What I’m saying is, they should have crushed the 360 by now. Why?

    The 360 has over 50% failure rate yet it manages to hold ANY substantial competition against the PS3. That, in my mind, is outrageous. How is it Sony didn’t capitalize in 2008 with something that has a 50% chance of crapping itself when you buy it from the store?

    I don’t look at any marginal lead and go “oh my god, Sony won! 360 has no future!” – that’s storybook text. In reality, a piece of shit hardware game console is holding up against the bigger badder competitor and has been and, no doubt in my mind, will in 2009 as well. All the while Nintendo laughs at them both.

    A great time to watch gaming history unfold.

  • 31 KrudNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 10:35 am

    “You already own a 360 and a PS3 — your imaginary numbers only figure buying one but in reality you erred and purchased both.”

    Yes! Thank you for pointing that out. I was reading this whole thing, thinking, “What is he talking about? He’s dissing you for spending the money on something that he ALSO spent money on? WTH?”

    Personally, I can’t wait to see what untapped power the Wii will unleash this year… the Age of Flailing Bobbleheads is at hand!

  • 32 KrudNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 10:43 am

    Honestly though, this might have all been avoided had you thrown a disclaimer somewhere near the phrase “We’re all sitting here poking fun at the small PS3 game library” along the lines of “and by ‘we’, I mean allegedly close-minded tech enthusiasts and gamestore owners.” Or something. ‘;)

    Though I thought ” yet we may be missing the bigger picture” would have sufficed.

    Just another “What do you mean, ‘we’?’ moment, I guess. ‘:P

    Happy New Year, people! Let’s all just be glad there are kick*ss consoles to be had, period. Can’t we all just… game along?

  • 33 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Talking “long term investment” has to be the funniest argument I’ve heard for an entertainment device. I do that when I want to justify spending lots of money on something or want to argue to the wife why we should get something (although she’s a gamer, so it’s not as hard as it is for others).

    When I purchase something for entertainment I don’t consider long term, I consider “time best spent for my money.” Fun per hour if you wanna call it. After x amount of hours of fun I consider it money well spent. I don’t look five years down the line and try to figure out if the device is future proof.

    Hell, if you want to consider it an investment then here is how I could do it:

    I could buy an Xbox 360 for half the price of a PS3, then take the other half of the cash and invest it in a mutual fund, CD or other interest bearing account. Let that build at roughly 3.08% compounded over three years. Then, if I buy a PS3 in three years at a reduced rate, let’s say $250 by then (hopefully!) I’d be able to purchase the console and a game for the same price as buying a 360 today, plus end with a non-taxed profit of $28.00.

    So, I could buy a $600 console now, or buy a console for half the price, let it go obsolete and still buy the PS3 with a game pocket $28 bucks and have six to seven years left of the PS3 lifecycle; Not to mention the game archive in another three years should be double what it is today or more.

    That’s “long term investment.” :)

  • 34 A CNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    Well speaking as a family man with 2 kids and a wife. I think I can comment on your priorities comments. I enjoyed the article and its been a blast reading the comments. One question though. You say you bought a XBOX 360 and also a WII and you have a Mac.
    So apparently technology is slightly up there in your priority list.
    The Wii is what 250, and how much was the 360 when you bought it around the same or more. So that adds up to about 500 without the tax.
    You can get a PS3 for what 369 and the game library is there now.
    You save yourself 60 bucks a year if you play online gaming cause you dont shell out for Xbox live.
    Blu-Rays have gotten much better and gone way down in price. I went up to wal-mart and picked up some really good ones for between 9-15 dollars each. And I’m talking stuff like 2001, The Untouchables, Enter The Dragon. So the price point is becoming comparable.

    You could have saved the money because honestly the Wii is the one system Im waiting on right now. My friend has it and it hardly ever gets touched.

    I got the PS3 and the 360. 2 income household here. But if you are buying just one system cause you want to keep cost down the PS3 works better for a whole media system.

    That being said if you get what you need out of your 360 and are not into blu-ray or playing online then I guess its fine for you.

    Anyway great article really enjoyed it. Just wanted to point out that for the price of the wii and the 360 you could have a ps3 and games and blu-ray dvds.

  • 35 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Yes, I’ve got a Wii and I’ve got a 360. They both would add up to somewhere in that realm, true. I bought the 360 probably in 2005 and the Wii in mid-2006 (when one became available).

    I purchased a 360 because I wanted to play some of the cool new games (Cod2 for instance). I got the Wii because I wanted a Wii like everyone else at the time, and I wanted to Play Zelda, Mario RPG and a few other titles (yeah, and Wii Sports). My kids now use it for Mario Kart, Cocoto Magic Circus and other games.

    I also planed to wait in line to buy a PS3 on launch night, the furry and excitement had me hooked. Then, it was impossible to find one so after hitting a few stores and long drives my buddies and I gave up. It didn’t take long before the fever wore off and we saw that they had really no games to play and didn’t for months (Resistance didn’t really interest me, I was already playing FPS’s on the 360).

    All-in-all, I do have a ton of technology. The wife and I have our fair share (two mac book pros, mac book, four ipods, etc.). We have a 61″ HD TV DLP which we bought a month or so ago when our other TV was flickering and dying. We have a 32″ Tube (HD) tv as well for gaming (since we didn’t have the living room 61″ at the time).

    We buy technology, that’s just part of our lifestyle. We don’t do a lot of home landscaping, gardening and other costly things. We also upgraded our Tivo to an HD Tivo.

    Why no PS3? We barely watch movies because we have no real time (World of Warcraft and such take some time). We’re just not a huge movie watching family. Priority puts things in front of a PS3. If I have no desire for a PS3 now, why would I buy one? Just because everyone says I have to have one because its the best system on the planet? Meh.

    I am getting a lot out of the 360 and the rest out of the Tivo. Just tonight I was at BestBuy, Blu-Ray disks are still way way too costly, my only drive in that direction would be to rent them on Netflix.

    My priorities put a lot of tech stuff in front of a PS3. That may be my 3-point lighting system for my video podcasts, my audio recorders, my mac book pro’s and Final Cut for video editing, my HD camcorder for recording shows, my TV for watching shows, a few games here and there.

    There is no room in my life or wallet to put the PS3 as priority number-1. I’m obviously not alone, as the PS3’s not flying off the shelves either.

    The Wii is impossible to find but we all know the areas it lacks but people still buy it. Price matters.

    To balance the rest of my wants, needs and desires, the PS3 has to be a lot cheaper to fit into my budget.

    The Wii and 360 could definitely have been a PS3 and games. But, unless I could buy part of the PS3 in 2005, another part in 2006 and maybe a couple games in 2007 it doesn’t really count :)

    After all, for the price I paid for my cars + house + kitchen table + grill + washer/dryer I could have 10 PS3’s and every game in the library :) You can always accumulate a bunch of stuff I once bought and equate it to something I can buy now. Unfortunately, even selling all my 360 stuff and Wii used on eBay would barely net me cash to buy a PS3.

    Hmm, maybe the Wii if the re-sale price stays as high as it has… :-)

  • 36 JordanNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    LOL, a lot of fanboy nonsense in this thread.

    “Sony has a slightly higher number of exclusives than 360.”

    In 2008 there were 230 Xbox 360 titles released, of those 123 (53%) were exclusive to the platform.

    On the PS3 there were 166 titles released, of those only 59 (36%) were exclusive to the platform.

    “PS3 sold more consoles and more games in 2008 than 360″

    Hmm… not according to the NPD they didn’t.

    In North America through the end of November (which is the most recent data we have) the PS3 sold 2,818,800 machines. This compares to 3,295,200 for the 360.

    Oh, I know, I know… “but… but… Japan…”

    A website called the-magicbox.com tracks sales in Japan:

    2008 Year To Date (counts December):
    PlayStation 3 934,799
    Xbox 360 309,098

    So you add those to the NA numbers and you get:

    PS3 – 3,753,599
    Xbox 360 – 3,604,298

    Whoah! The PS3 is up by 100,000 units!

    So now we add in the European numbers from vgchartz.com… (also counts December)

    PS3 – 5,268,200
    Xbox 360 – 5,146,424

    2008 Total Sales:
    PS3 – 9,021,799
    Xbox 360 – 8,750,722

    Holy crow! Worldwide the PS3 outsold the 360 by 271,077 units!

    Oh, except they didn’t. Remember when I said the NPD numbers for North America were only through November? Yeah, the numbers for Japan and Europe count December.

    Last year, in December, in North America alone the 360 outsold the PS3 by some 800,000 units. Want to bet the same thing happens this year? Once the December numbers are in and we have a full count for 2008 you’ll see that miraculous PS3 lead evaporate. Heck, in November this year the 360 outsold the PS3 by 400,000 units.

    “resistance 1 and 2 (people who played both series know they’re better than gears)”

    Metacritic averages the review scores from all review sites.

    Resistance: Fall of Man averaged an 86 score. The sequel got an 87. This compares to 94 for Gears of War and 93 for Gears of War 2.

    Looks like you don’t know what you’re talking about. You might want to quit while you’re ahead.

  • 37 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 1, 2009 at 11:04 pm

    @Jordan: I didn’t bother pushing the facts and figures (yet again) because I didn’t want to be a killjoy labeled 360 fanboy.

    But, I had a post prior about some of those figures and I was smashed by the International readership saying it was a hot seller in Europe, Asia and Japan.

    The real issue is the NPD figures are really only United States. Other charts exist but none are 100% country-to-country. So, it’s up to Microsoft and Sony to lie…I mean, tell us, what their sales are in those regions.

    Both have been known to shift in their own favor, but that’s standard practice :-)

    In my not so humble opinion (as the guy writing this crap anyway), the 360 may have lost a bit of ground to the PS3 with PS3’s slow growing momentum. But, it’s not enough to go “360 has no future” – it’s not even close to that. Microsoft would REALLY have to screw it up to lose out to Sony in a big way now. I mean, 60% 360 failure rate didn’t make them lose, what will really put a dent in them?

    I was surprised at how fast Microsoft grew from their last console and how fast Sony fell considering the PS2 was outselling all consoles COMBINED upon PS3 launch.

    But, your facts and figures look about accurate from what I’ve gathered over the last few months. There will be those that will tell you they’re all wrong statistics but … I mean … their pretty damn well reported by now.

  • 38 JordanNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 12:19 am

    Yeah, there are always those who think reality has a bias.

    For my worldwide sales totals I used:


    (Scroll to the bottom for 2008 YTD sales).

    PlayStation 3 – 934,799
    Xbox 360 – 309,098

    Europe was trickier because vgchartz doesn’t provide year by year sales… HOWEVER…

    If you take the total consoles sold number at the end of 2007:


    PS3 3,649,400
    X360 5,158,403

    and then subtract that from the number sold at the end of 2008:


    PS3 8,917,600
    X360 10,304,827

    Gives us the number sold in 2008.

    PS3 – 5,268,200
    Xbox 360 – 5,146,424

    I had to Google the NPD numbers and collect them month by month.

    Month PS3 Xbox 360
    January 269,000 230,000
    February 280,800 254,600
    March 257,000 262,000
    April 187,100 188,000
    May 208,700 186,600
    June 405,500 219,800
    July 224,900 204,800
    August 185,400 195,200
    September 232,400 347,200
    October 190,000 371,000
    November 378,000 836,000
    Totals 2,818,800 3,295,200

    The big flaw in the methodology is that we don’t have any December numbers from the NPD while we do for Japan and Europe.

    Like I said in the comment above, if December 2008 is anything like 2007 then the paltry 200,000 unit difference in Japan and Europe isn’t going to mean a whole lot. The Xbox 360 will out-sell the PS3 by around 600,000 units worldwide for ’08 instead of 800,000 units.

  • 39 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 12:26 am

    @Jordan: Congrates on the data gathering, I know that can be a real pain in the ass.

    Last year’s figures were also when the Xbox 360 was a bit more costly. Now, with the price reduction and people being fooled into buying the lower “core” model (now called Arcade unit because Marketing Dept got smart), those numbers should be higher just based on cost alone and the fact that the market isn’t saturated yet so they can still push sale figure. Even with the economy in the crapper the sales will probably be pretty impressive for 360.

    Of course, those numbers will look like peanuts compared to Wii :-|

  • 40 JordanNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 12:56 am

    That’s true… in terms of sales the Wii rules all… unfortunately the games suck…

    Check this out… if you go to Gamerankings.com and compare review scores…

    There were 1,283 games released in 2008. Of those, 782 of them got scores averaging less than 70%. I think it’s fair to say any game scoring less than 70% pretty much sucks.

    Of those 782 sucky games, 446 of them were Wii and DS titles. That’s 57% of all crappy games belonging to Nintendo platforms.

    Which means that Nintendo had more junk games released for their machines than all the other platforms COMBINED.

    I try to look at it in terms of a ratio of good games (scoring 80% and higher) to bad games (scoring under 70%).

    For every good game on the Wii there were 6.55 bad games released (31 scoring 80% or higher vs. 203 scoring under 70%).

    That compares to 2.37 on the Xbox 360 (49 vs. 116) and 1.34 on the PS3 (50 vs. 67).

    The PS3 did have fewer games in 2008 and lower sales, but in terms of quality games it had a much more solid lineup. I think that’s because cheap ass developers like Destineer* can’t afford to push their shovelware onto the platform the way they can do the Wii.

    *Destineer released 10 games on the Wii in 2008, none of them scored higher than 52%.

    Candace Kane’s Candy Factory 52.00%
    Summer Sports: Paradise Island 51.43%
    Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine 48.00%
    Kidz Sports: Crazy Golf 38.25%
    WWII Aces 37.33%
    Kawasaki Snowmobiles 24.50%
    Kawasaki Jet Ski 20.00%
    Kidz Sports Ice Hockey 15.00%
    Kidz Sports International Soccer 10.00%
    London Taxi Rush Hour 10.00%

    (p.s. I have TONS more data if you want to see it… e-mail me. jordanlund@gmail.com)

  • 41 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 2:55 am

    I have a good explanation for some of the “bad” Wii games. It’s quite simple, I’m surprised someone hasn’t already thought of it… the reviewers lack the correct perspective to review these games.

    Reviewers naturally are rating games based on what they think is good and bad, which naturally is going to come from experience with other games. You’re holding one game up against another, you’re basing quality, game design, game play and overall value based on what you know and what you’ve learned.

    Well, my daughter is five years old and has none of these lessons, these learned things, she’s got nothing to base her decisions on what is good and what is bad.

    I’ve had to work a review for a game for a PR firm for a game called Cocoto’s Magic Circus (and a few others). I felt awful, there was no way I could give the game a fair review because it lacked substance, I could beat it in under two hours and used such basic game mechanics.

    My daughter played it and sat there for hours. Perhaps she doesn’t “know any better” or, more than likely, she doesn’t care because she was entertained. I, myself, had found very little entertainment value.

    Perhaps game reviewers should be hiring kids and putting them in rooms with cameras and one-way glass and study them. Sounds like a lab experiment but there isn’t really a better way to understand _why_ a game is entertaining to a child; it simply is.

    Granted, many Wii games just blow. They’re demographic is for older kids and the quality and play value is awful. But, I see so many games getting dinged for being horrid while kids have no problem with them at all.

    The only big problem is parents that are gamers will never purchase said games for their kids because the reviews (from adults) say it’s awful. In my case, the pr firm sent me the games so I didn’t have to buy anything and it wasn’t a risk to me.

    I’m not sure of a great way to solve the issue I just know that it’s a bit out of whack to have teenagers, adults and experienced reviewers take a 20 dollar game and say it lacks in all departments when they just don’t know.

    I liken this to Wine tasting and wine ratings. Sure, big companies make lots of money on rating a wine. But, it’s also known in the wine world that we should trust our own pallets over the ratings of others. A bad wine to you could be a great wine to me. Does that make me a bad wine drinker or a person with different taste?

    Young kids have a different “pallet” when it comes to playing games. Who are we to tell them how it should taste?

  • 42 JordanNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 5:21 am

    This is something movie reviewers have struggled with for ages. But the thing of it is that you can have media for children that can be recognized by adults as being quality entertainment.

    Look at a comparison between, say, Wall-E and Fly Me To The Moon. Kids probably can’t distinguish between the two and really, would be happy with either and yet we, as adults, can recognize that Wall-E is fantastic and Fly Me To the Moon is garbage.

    Just because kids aren’t discerning in their entertainment choices doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be provided with the best quality we can.

  • 43 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 11:24 am

    True, there are great kid movies but then their our a lot of others that I’d not consider great but my kids do and it’s probably more than the ones we see on commercials. Any Disney film with a “2” in it (the straight to DVD version), Mermaid 2, Alladin 2, etc. They’re just as much to blame as anyone else as a Wii game that takes advantage of something to gain a sale.

    We should provide the best quality, I agree. But, I also find myself not trusting the ratings of games for kids because I’ve never proven them to be correct. They say the game sucks, but the kids like it just fine. Sure, I’d LOVE for these games to be the best quality ever but the development cycles for many of those games are a lot less (as is the price) so in some ways I’m getting what I paid for. But if it makes the kids happy…

    On top of that I’ve found very few reliable/good ratings on kids games. For movies, I don’t usually even look because the commercial plays and the kids go “can we go see that!?” No need for ratings if the kids wanna go… I can’t be all like “well, it didn’t get good reviews.” :-)

    That’s still no excuse for absolutely horrible kids games -like anything from Wisdom Tree for the NES! :)

  • 44 TheAlmightyNNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 11:54 am

    “That’s true… in terms of sales the Wii rules all… unfortunately the games suck…”

    Didn’t we have this discussion on Usenet a while back, Jordan?

    The opinion of hardcore, experienced gamers like you, me, pretty much anyone else in our little Usenet group, likely most people reading this article, and especially professional game reviewers, is 100% irrelevant when it comes to the Nintendo Wii.

    None of us are the target demographic for the games or even the system so it doesn’t really matter in the end what any of us think about the quality of the games on the Wii.

    Show me what you think is a good game on the Xbox 360 or the Playstation 3 and I’ll show you millions of Wii owners who couldn’t care less.

    And for all the talk about how many good games versus how many bad games on each system… I’m not going to play or buy any of the bad games so why would I care? According to your numbers, the difference in the number of “good” games on the 360 and the PS3 compared to the Wii isn’t really that big and I’ll bet you anything that with all the different genres on the two “upper class” systems, there would be a lot more dissension in the ranks in those markets as to whether all those good games are actually good compared to the Wii market, where casual gamers are more likely to try anything that looks like it could be a little bit of fun.

  • 45 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    The casual game market has a completely different perspective, and much of the wii games fall into this category. @AlmightyN, you’re right – casual gamers don’t really have any sense for why/how/who would want to play a game like Halo, Gears, Resistance, GTA and other games.

    I see this everyday, Jennifer, my wife, is a casual gamer (casualgamerchick.com) and she has no interest in a game like GTA or Gears of War. She understands it enough to know that they’re hugely popular in the market, have a place in the world but doesn’t have any interest in playing them.

    Had she reviewed these games she’d have a complete different perspective. Of course, nobody would ever ask her to review a game like that! However, sometimes I wonder if places liek gamespot really don’t have a place when reviewing a casual game. Probably why her site does so well because her perspective aligns well with casual gamers so she speaks their language.

    If I’ve not mentioned it, I appreciate everyone’s comments on this and other articles. You could be posting on any other site on the Net, but you chose to put some feeling and passion into mine. Even if you’re angry with my perspective, taking the time to write constructive criticism here means a lot.

  • 46 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 7:36 pm

    “Holy crow! Worldwide the PS3 outsold the 360 by 271,077 units!”

    Wow, I thought it would be more

    anyway, I came back to post here because of two articles I found interesting about this issue

    one for 2009 ps3 exclusives:


    and one for 360 2009 exclusives:


    just so you’ll understand what I mean when I say that the 360 is obsolete

    and remember: I have a 360 that I don’t use since I completed gears 2 in two days, and I would love to see more upcoming games for it but there’s nothing on the horizon, the only want I would consider a AAA-must buy is Alan Wake and it will probably won’t be out ’til 2010 (if it ever comes out)

    also let me post my preliminary must buy list of games confirmed for 2009 (it includes PS· and 360):

    Killzone 2

    Resident Evil 5

    Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams

    God of War III (IGN has it as q4 2009)


    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Gran Turismo 5

    Heavy Rain


    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

    now that I think about it maybe I’ll buy at least one of the multiplaform games for the 360 to justify my self buyind the console on the first place to play gears 2 (won’t be bioshock 2 though which now it’s a ps3 timed exclusive)

  • 47 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 7:47 pm

    “Metacritic averages the review scores from all review sites.

    Resistance: Fall of Man averaged an 86 score. The sequel got an 87. This compares to 94 for Gears of War and 93 for Gears of War 2. ”

    that’s great, now do you have any opnion on the matter of your own? of everything you think and say it’s based on what other people say?

    also metacritic, the same as rottentomatoes is an average and not a valid tool for comparing things,

    games like Rock Band and the like or games for portable consoles might get high scores because those scores are based on what they can achieve, not in relation to others within the medium or genre

    Castlevania for the PSN is one of the highest rated of the year but the game is awfully dated

    for example I owned both and I think that gears 2 is better than LBP, am I automatically wrong because metacritic has a higher score for LBP?

    imagine telling an atheist: “you’re wrong because 95% of the people in the world beleive in God and that’s that”

  • 48 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 2, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    and when I say that the ps3 had more exclusives on 2008 than 360 I mean real full price games, not DLC or downloable only games or expansions and the like

    count them and you’ll see that the it’s something like 15-17 for the PS3 and 12-14 for the 360

  • 49 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 3, 2009 at 2:03 am

    I agree, Metacritic is not perfect especially with the fanboy attacks of late which have caused “user ratings” for both GoW2 and Resistance 2 to get dinged big time.

    However, they are standardized ratings that people do take seriously. Metacritic’s alexa rank is 2k, anything under 100k is a high traffic site, 2k is really really awesome (I would love to own a 2k ranked site). So, like it or not, people use that as a standard of measure when gauging games.

    End result, you can’t really tell me that Metacritic rankings don’t count after also telling me the 360 has no future and the games for it suck. If we should discount the opinions of Metacritic as useless imagine what that says for a personal opinion of a single individual like yourself.

    I like to gather opinions from gamerankings.com, metacritic.com and friends that might own the game that share like minded opinions of games. Really, if your friend shares the same taste as you and says a game is awesome it probably will be something you’ll buy.

    As you said earlier:

    “really, what about uncharted, metal gear, resistance 1 and 2, motorstorm 1 and 2, heavenly sword, valikiria chronicles, do you know how good they are or you just rather ignore them to trick yourself into not spending money?”

    How would I know how goood they are? By your standards, metacritic isn’t a valid tool to judge game character… should I just guess?

    I can’t have an opinion that matters on my own without buying every single game and comparing them to my taste — that’s an expensive proposition. Which leaves many of us to read game reviews to give us guidance. I also use amazon.com ratings when making buying decisions.

  • 50 Doa766No Gravatar // Jan 5, 2009 at 12:31 am

    regarding the request for “evidence” of the end of the 360 here’s another interesting article that no one cal call fan rant:


    a qoute from it:

    “Then, when the exclusives essentially annihilate the competition – I’m still waiting on the Xbox 360 list that will compete with Killzone 2, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, Infamous and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – the haters won’t have anything left to cling to. What are we going to complain about then?”

  • 51 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 5, 2009 at 8:43 am

    I can find plenty of articles that also talk about Exclusives not being the main factor in consoles anymore because so many big titles (Final Fantasy and GTA being the first that come to mind) are going non-exclusive.

    Sony doesn’t have the power it had last time to lock down some of the big franchise exclusives anymore.

    That PSExtreme article doesn’t give me any indicator that the 360 is dead, just like most 360 articles don’t give any indicator the PS3 has no future.

    I’ll believe the 360 has no future when I see sales taper off and decline. Perhaps it will be due to Killzone 2, God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, Heavy Rain, Infamous and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves – I’ve not seen the evidence of this ‘impact’ as of yet.

    Of course, out of all those, God of War III would be the only one I’d probably get. Not everygame is for everyone.

  • 52 A CNo Gravatar // Jan 5, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    Seriously? I mean you wouldn’t get Uncharted 2? Uncharted is the game that 7 of my friends traded in there 360 and went PS3 for.

    Exclusives definitely don’t mean everything but its been used before to show 360 dominance so lets not totally disregard it.

    I don’t think the 360 has no future in the least. I do however think Microsoft is going shorter term with the 360 than Sony is with the PS3.

    As for the Wii, its Nintendo and as long as there are little kids, old people, or overly concerned parents the Wii will do well no matter how many crappy games they put out. Its just the way it is. When the Wii hits the 150 mark I’ll pick one up. Its still over-priced for what it has to offer.

    I’m not along the naysayers that think either system is going under anytime soon. But to be honest as an owner of both systems its nice to finally hear some decent stuff being said about the PS3. The games and the quality are finally there.

    My sons an xbox guy but even he realizes that Resistance has better online then Gears and Halo 3 put together.

    You mightn’t like games like Killzone 2 but FPS and multi-player online means a massive amount to most people who game.

    The only game of the above PS3 list I wont get is GT5 basically because I prefer the Burnout style of racing games.

    Enjoyed the original article but oddly it seems that anyone who doesn’t think the 360 is going to rule for the next 2 years seems like a fanboy to you. What gives?

  • 53 Derrick SchommerNo Gravatar // Jan 5, 2009 at 4:11 pm

    I won’t deny games like Killzone are FPS “console movers” the United States is all about the FPS. I’m just so burned out from FPS games that I don’t really look into them.

    It’s not that it may not be “the best” game on the market now but I’m not in the market for an FPS. I may fall in love with it if I played it, but the hard part is getting me to play the games. The cost barrier is there, the fact that it is an exclusive means they limit their audience (however Killzone is an SCEE game, so it’s exclusive by nature).

    But, I’m not going to say a key FPS isn’t important for your system – it’s a console mover here in the States, you need one or two top-notch FPS games. You just do.

    As for Uncharted 2, it comes down to me not having any exposure to the franchise. I’m not nearly saying “it sucks” I’m just giving you my honest opinion to the games I’d get if I went out and got a PS3 today. I would pickup LBP too, so that’s enough games to start on a system.

    I’m not saying a person is a fanboy for not believing the Xbox 360 is going to dominate the next two years. That’s totally not what I’m saying, I’m saying those that say stuff like:

    Maybe the 360 does have more games available but since most of them are complete garbage i don’t think that counts for much. Why don’t you go take a look at Metacritic and see how well “Gears Of Bad Graphics 2? or “Fable 1.5? did compared to LittleBigPlanet???


    I bought the PS3 when it was released for 600 and I got a better deal than you


    Fanboys, to me, are those that believe their opinion to be fact. Those that say “mine is better than yours” without knowing how I game, what I play and why I buy one over the other

    Give me facts, for any console, and I’ll listen. Give me your opinion with “in my opinion” or “the way I see it” and I’ll listen. Not a big deal.

    The other thing I’ve noticed is classic fanboyism is to take an article describing some great value to the PS3 (as I tried to do here) and tell me I’m deluded, cheap and stupid.

    I don’t think the Xbox 360 is going to rule for the next two years. The Wii rules this generation, statistics show that. 360 ans PS3 are competitive, although the 360 is winning in statistics and PS3 is gaining ground you are right, Microsoft doesn’t have a 10 year plan at all. They’re a software company trying to make hardware and are used to PC release cycles.

    I think Microsoft will build out a new console within two years and start hyping it. Is that bad for Sony? I don’t really know yet as I’ve not seen what Microsoft’s going to do next.

    Honestly, Microsoft’s next console should have slow sales up-front due to the massive failure of their current hardware.

    While people want to smack me down as a PS3 hater, nobody actually asks me what I think of Microsoft’s console :) I have PLENTY of bad experiences to go along with the good.

  • 54 jonahfalconNo Gravatar // Jan 5, 2009 at 6:15 pm

    Killzone 1 moved nothing, and had just as huge a hype as the sequel does.

  • 55 Jordan LundNo Gravatar // Jan 15, 2009 at 7:22 pm

    A little late for this thread, but since I posted a bunch of sales numbers above here’s the last piece of the puzzle:

    December NPD:

    PS3 726K
    X360 1.44M

    Add that to the previous totals:

    2008 Total Sales:
    PS3 – 9,021,799
    Xbox 360 – 8,750,722

    and you get:

    2008 Total Sales:
    PS3 – 9,747,799
    Xbox 360 – 10,190,722

    A difference of 442,923 in favor of the 360.

    Sorry PS3 fanboys…

  • 56 jonahfalconNo Gravatar // Jan 19, 2009 at 5:20 pm

    The PS3 dropped in sales comparing Nov-Dec 2007 to Nov-Dec 2008 as well.

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