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Episode 286: Free Indie Games

November 14th, 2012 by jonahfalcon · 5 Comments

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This week, Gaming Podcast is giving away free indie games: Dungeon Defenders and the Zeboyd 2-Pack including Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VIII. The Gaming Flashback includes the original Splinter Cell from 2002.

There’s also plenty of news items including:

  • Blizzard facing class action lawsuit over Battle.net security
  • Former Square boss calls merger “a complete failure” between Square and Enix
  • Nintendo details Wii U network ID system
  • Molyneux skeptical about tablet/TV gaming
  • Halo 4 makes $220M in first day, Forward Unto Reach garners 46M viewers
  • Analyst: Grand Theft Auto V will sell 25M units

No Question of the Week – just let us know if you’d like to win either Dungeon Defenders or Cthulhu Saves the World/Breath Of Death VIII.

In addition, this is the final week of Kickstarter funding. Help the TD Gaming Podcast with its Kickstarter fundraising.

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  • 1 Herr_AlienNo Gravatar // Nov 15, 2012 at 5:01 am

    @Kickstarter – still not over.

    I liked the Splinter Cell game. My problem with it was that I was still under the influence of Quake 3 and UT, so my skills at stealth were only matched by the the elegance in movement of an elephant placed in a shop for porcelains …
    Still, I liked the concept behind it and I struggled to the best of my abilities to play it as it was intended. I didn’t finish it, but still, I enjoyed the concept behind it.

    @Blizzard facing class action lawsuit over Battle.net security
    You see, this happens when you start to require more and more personal data …
    Moral of the story: if you require a lot of data, then better make a damn good job at protecting it.
    Jonah, I’m with you, I’m also glad that there’s a lawsuit going on.

    @Molyneux skeptical about tablet/TV gaming
    I’m not with him on this one. As far as I am concerned, gaming started on TV with the NES. I enjoyed the experience, so from my experience TV gaming has its share of success.
    About tablet gaming – as long as you adapt your user input scheme, then it will work.

    Now, what I am skeptical about is overpriced consoles or overpriced dedicated gaming tablets, and shoddy user input schemes implemented by inexperienced or plain bad developers.

    Using both displays? No, don’t think so. Most likely the tablet will be used as input device, and the TV as display.

    @Halo 4 makes $220M in first day
    Good for them. If the overall feedback is that the game is good then sure, enjoy the moneyz 😀
    Paul, I also don’t like Halo. I didn’t like the association between (1) a team of humans waiting for my help to succeed in defeating (2) enemies that fight like muppets and look like them, (3) and then add epic music to make you believe you’re the savior.

    @Analyst: Grand Theft Auto V will sell 25M units
    And I say it’ll sell 35M units in its life time. So? Does that put money in the pockets of the devs/publishers?

    Boys are stupid and smell funny? Really? This coming from the gay guy?

    As for the binoculars, it’s more about adjusting/improving an existing old binoculars. And to quote myself, if you’re into stargazing then you’re probably “standing in the yard, all lights out, binoculars in hand. I think it’s too late by now to worry about being labeled as either geeky or pervy.”

    The music, is that from GTA 1/2/3/4 ?

  • 2 DynamicJulNo Gravatar // Nov 15, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Nintendo details Wii U network ID system: I will reserve any judgement until I’ve got plenty of experience with the system. Although I do agree that the previous Friend Code system was hilariously bad. Hopefully they’ll be able to pull it off this time.

    Molyneux skeptical about tablet/TV gaming: Oh poor me, I can’t even look at the borders of the screen or I will get confused, let alone look quickly down to another screen to select an item. I wonder how I will manage. Seriously though, Peter Molyneux is full of crap. Just because you can’t design a decent game doesn’t mean that others won’t be able to use tablet/TV gaming to make a better game.

    P.S. I would love a copy of Dungeon Defenders.

  • 3 HanzKrebsNo Gravatar // Nov 17, 2012 at 11:44 am

    @Molyneux skeptical about tablet/TV gaming:
    i guess he never heard of a portable console named NINTENDO DS (and it’s sucessors). of course there are 2 screens, but one is the support of the other like in “play/pause” (bad stupid example), in the DS game “New Super Mario Bros.” the lower screen showed the “map” (linear progression trough the stage) and the extra power up, nothing that will definatelly need your attention at all times! if someone has the attention more focused on the tablet than on the movie, i guess the person is already bored by the movie and looking for other things to do!

    @Halo 4 makes $220M in first day, Forward Unto Reach garners 46M viewers:
    halo game series are always good games (forget halo wars fiasco) and 343 deserves the finantial feedback from the public, since halo 4 looks impressive for a 7yo console.

    @podcast recorded on sunday:
    does that mean that it will be released one day earlier as well?

    @paul playing MLP on the iPad:
    brohoof! /)

  • 4 HanzKrebsNo Gravatar // Nov 17, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    BTW, homophobia is a wrong word
    “people are not afraid of homosesxuals! they are just assholes” – internet

  • 5 Arthur VNo Gravatar // Nov 18, 2012 at 5:14 am

    @Splinter Cell

    I used to despise stealth. Especially when they stick it in as a special stage in an action game (The Hulk, Spider-Man, XIII and far to many more to name). But Splinter Cell was surprisingly good. If you spend some time learning the stealth mechanic, it will be an interesting and rewarding experience. I even managed to complete it. I remember the graphics was spectacular. Even though I played it in 2010.


    I played Square, Enix and Square Enix games and didn’t notice much of a difference in quality. Maybe because they all produced mostly JRPGs which are uniform in quality and experience by default. It really is a matter of opinion whether the merger failed or not. I thoroughly enjoyed FFX and don’t think that it is any worse than FFVII.

    @Nintendo ID

    Tried to play an on-line game of Monster Hunter Tri with a friend. Failed miserably. It is easier to build a space shuttle out of chewing gum, matchsticks and a used condom than it is to connect to a friend on the Wii. That is why I won’t buy a Wii U any time soon. For me the on-line component is important. They need to sort it out first if they want my moneys.

    @Peter Moyle… man he probably has to spell his surname to every person he meets

    It all depends on how developers implement the second screen. I don’t think they will have you play two different games at the same time. Gamers nowadays can’t even use both R1 and R2 on PS3 at the same time. Let alone two different screens.

    @Halo 4

    I understand that people are entitled to their own opinion and respect it. All I want is for Paul to know that his opinion is wrong and he should be covered in chocolate and thrown to the lesbians. Anyways, I am not surprised Halo sold lots. It is a solid entry in the series regardless of what all the griefers and haters say.

    @ QOTW
    If you have any leftovers I will gladly take them of your hands. However, it kind of sucks winning without a competition. It’s like an election in Zimbabwe. Not very democratic.

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