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Episode 330: Batman Problems

October 30th, 2013 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week’s episode has Jonah ranting about the shoddy QA in Batman: Arkham Origins, while Jordan admits he never used those Xbox Live cards that came free with some games. In the meantime, the Gaming Flashback is the classic Apple ][ game Bolo.

The news this week includes:

  • EA splits from Tiger Woods
  • Rumor: Xbox One SDK plagued by eleventh hours bugs
  • Apple sells 33.8m iPhones, 14.1m iPads in September quarter
  • Nvidia Shield update adds official PC streaming, console mode, more Android support
  • Fans trash Call of Duty: Ghosts booth at a games expo

No Question of the Week this week – just looking for Listener feedback.

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  • 1 Arthur VNo Gravatar // Nov 3, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    @gaming flashback

    I don’t tend to associate UK with good game development (due to the life choking taxes), but Bolo sounds like a clever and complex action-strategy game. Almost makes me wish I was born 20 years earlier to play it (almost, being old sucks). To be honest, I feel like there are no good online games anymore and most that are released are just regurgitations of earlier success. I am hoping next gen will bring a breath of fresh air to the competitive online world.

    @Rats leaving the sinking ship

    I played a few demos of PGA tour but never liked them. The concept of hitting a ball with a club across the same field of green is probably the most pathetic attempt at recreation mankind has ever devised. It should be renaimed PGAL (Please Get A Life).

    @First official COD free for all tournament

    Whenever I hear news like this it makes me think that everyone in the Activision management offices evacuated the building and left a duck in charge. Where they beta testing Black Friday or something?


    What’s your favourite soundtrack? With the atrocious state that the contemporary music industry is in, I tend to turn more and more towards the anime and gaming tunes. My favourite is the opening march of Morrowind and my favourite song has to be Still Alive (both from Mirror’s Edge and Portal). Other notable tracks are Utada Hikaru’s Kingdom Hearts ending (both Japanese and English), Guitaroo Man soundtracks, FFX and too many others to mention. Gaming has some good tunes. What’s yours?

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