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Episode 399: On the Precipice

September 16th, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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Only one more episode til the landmark episode that will see Paul ending his tenure as a regular podcast host in this lengthy episode after the week off. The banter is so off the charts, over an hour had to be cut and will be available in a future outtakes episode – as Paul and Scott agree to do a special Dr. Who episode in the near future too. Oh, and Jonah lost his day job.

The news this week includes:

  • Nintendo names a new leader after sudden death of CEO
  • Nintendo partners with Niantic Labs for Pokemon on mobile
  • Hi-Rez Studios: Players make the content everyone is trying to monetise
  • Frostbite: the PS3 CELL retarded the industry significantly
  • Windows 10 on Xbox One is called “OneCore

We need listener feedback for Paul’s goodbye next episode, so write in and let us know what you remember most about Paul!

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  • 1 Arthur VNo Gravatar // Sep 21, 2015 at 10:58 am

    @Do it like it’s 2013

    It’s good to see Nintendo finally getting it’s stuff together. But I still say they missed their chance. They had a large release advantage over Xbox One and PS4 and they wasted it. They are now forever cursed to play catch up.

    @All your videos are belong to us

    I kick this right into the lawyer’s ball park. I remember the days of the Xbox and PS2, when I gave developers money for their game and that was the end of our interaction. But the modern game industry spawned this horrible mutation of gaming, where developers still have a considerable impact on my gaming experience post release. After Xbox 360 I got used to continuous updates. But it keeps getting worse. The gaming industry is nurturing it’s own Big Brother, which is largely controlled by non-gaming people. No good will come of this.

    @Cell Games

    I agree with Jonah. I was impressed with the inFamous games. But I didn’t see any differences between multiplatform titles. Cell was a poor choice for Sony; much like HD DVD was for Xbox 360. I am eager to pick up a PS4 and see what Sony’s new hardware is capable off.

    @Plus one Paul!

    Earlist thing I remember. How long has it been since then? I will miss Paul. He brought a very unique and interestig point of view to the gaming industry. I learned a lot about game development from him. I also realised that I never want to be a game developer. Good luck to you Paul. And get a proper job. It’s time you started puling your weight for the economy (mandatory hate mail).

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