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Episode 489: Late to the Party

January 12th, 2018 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week’s episode is a little late due to a power outage. However, despite the lack of really interesting news, the crew still finds plenty to chat about.

This week’s news includes:

  • Switch outsells entire lifetime of Wii U in Japan
  • The Tomb Kings bring crazy new units and crafting to Total War: Warhammer 2
  • State of Decay 2 is still on for a spring release
  • Rebellion buys studio Radiant Worlds

The Question of the Week is, “What popular game did you play long after its initial release?”

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  • 1 RalfNo Gravatar // Jan 18, 2018 at 3:51 am

    Hi guys.
    Thanks for the episode. It was intersting and funny as always 🙂 To your question of the week: I Played Portal the first time last year. Of course i completed it very fast, but this was a PC game i played about 10 years after its release 🙂
    For Console games, it must be some of the first 6 Mega Man Games … i don´t remember which ones i played as a kid, but of course not all of them. So i decided to play through the first 6 Mega Man games last year 🙂
    I like to play all the old games, i missed in my youth, but as you know: now (as an adult) you got the money to buy games, but you dont have the time anymore to play all of them 🙂
    Jonah: Archon is a really great game! I loved it as a kid, even i did not understood it at all 🙂 (I am born in 1980, so i was 4 years old, when Archon was released, and i got my first C-64 when i was 8).
    So thanks again guys and keep gaming 🙂

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