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Gaming Podcast 219: ColecoVision Rules

June 21st, 2011 by jonahfalcon · 2 Comments

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Paul crows about Nintendo’s dominance over the ColecoVision and Dreamcast, while Jonah and Jordan reminisce about this week’s Gaming Flashback, Electronic Arts’ Barnstorming for the Atari 2600.

The news also includes the following topics:

  • Duke Nukem Forever review fiasco
  • Harrison: Apple will be the games industry in 10 years
  • Tretton: No need for PS4, PS3 now hitting its stride
  • Slimmer PS3 coming?

This week’s Gaming History looks at the husband-and-wife developing team Freefall Associates, while the Question of the Week is: How much weight do you give the score of a review? Let us know what you think.

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  • 1 Herr_AlienNo Gravatar // Jun 22, 2011 at 4:24 am

    @Duke Nukem Forever review fiasco:
    This one is almost ‘no comment’. The nasty side is what Jordan said (except foe Jonah I can’t yet distinguish your voices, sorry if I mix you up): they don’t mind blacklisting, they just don’t want it to be public.

    @ Apple will be the games industry in 10 years:
    You can even devise a control scheme for touch based interfaces, but!
    Just like console controllers, a mouse and keyboard using player will best one using a console controller, in competitive gaming.

    Jonah, I’m with you on the real books vs. kindle. Don’t get me wrong guys, that’s a device that I like, but it doesn’t hold a kandle 😛 to a real book.

    @ No need for PS4, PS3 now hitting its stride:
    Erm, hello, PS3 is hacked? Piracy will be as rampant on PS3 as is on PC? PS3 might become a very unattractive platform to develop for? (hard to code for it and with it’s DRM system exposed for all to pirate your product).

    😀 Jonah, thanks for pointing out misspellings, it’s useful to me.

    @Question of the Week:
    I do care what it says in the review. I do want to read if a certain aspect is flawed: perhaps it is a feature that interests me, and in that case I’ll skip the game.
    As for the score versus the entire contents, well, it actually depends on the value of the score.
    If it’s below 5, then I don’t even bother to read the review. The score weights 100%.
    If it’s up until 7, the score weights 50%. Above 7, it’s really up to the contents of the review, not the score: weight drops to almost 0%.

  • 2 bulkerkingNo Gravatar // Jun 22, 2011 at 10:55 pm

    Just to let you know that things in Australia aren’t that bad. If one looks around abit you can get a good deal on games even if they are brand new. Granted prices have been $110 for some games but with some skill you can get it imported from the UK with shipping for nearly half the price. I havn’t brought a game from a major Australian retailer for some time now. Feel sorry for those who do ouch.

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