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Episode 356: Gi-Blow

July 11th, 2014 by jonahfalcon · 3 Comments

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This week’s podcast finally reveals the winner of the E3 Swag Bag. The episode is packed full of show, including a Gaming Flashback about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and the Gaming History celebrating Donkey Kong‘s 33rd birthday.

The news includes:

  • Another EA exec explains why mobile Dungeon Keeper suffered
  • PS4 fails to inspire Japanese market
  • Former Epic director Bleszinski unretires to reveal Project Bluestreak
  • Divinity: Original Sin developer turned off global chat to silence trolls
  • Bartle: “Free-to-play has a half-life

All this plus the Question of the Week: “Have online players caused you to quit playing that session?”

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  • 1 Pawel PredkiNo Gravatar // Jul 13, 2014 at 5:45 am

    Veterans to the rescue!
    Maybe I’m not a ‘true’ veteren but I’ve been writing in for over a year now so I’m starting to fall into that category, I guess.

    Anyway, I’m waiting for the plane to leave after a week’s vacation in Sicilly which I used to relax on the beach and at the pool but also to give Metal Gear Solid another go (hurray for the Vita!). I played through MGS3 (19.5 hours – embarrassing) and I really enjoyed it despite my two previous unsuccessful attempts to get into the game. Do you guys have any experience with the series?

    You mentioned Red Dead Redemption in the episode. I played tens of hours of the game, including MP (Platinum, yo!) and I had to play in the violence-less mode because it was impossible to focus on anything else with people riding around and shooting each other in the other mode. I tend not to play MP games a lot but when I do I try to get together with people from specific communities from podcasts and message boards. This decreases the number of unpleasant encounters.

  • 2 AlphashardNo Gravatar // Jul 13, 2014 at 4:21 pm

    Hey guys, I didn’t comment on the last two because I felt that I had answered the QotW and didn’t have anything to add.

    @Dungeon Keeper: I think the Mobile version of the original is very poor with these arbitrary time restraints. I agree that players get very tired of being nickeled and dimed. It doesn’t feel like a real game with these limitations.

    @Bartle: I’d like to second Jordan’s comments that your segment on this was so through that I can’t really add anything myself without being a broken record on this topic. I really do feel that the Free-to-play games need to change and find a different way to work.

    @QotW: I have to second what Pawwel said, I tend to stick with a close nit group of people who I know relatively well. I remember once trying Red Dead Redemption in MP and got sniped three times by the same person in the starting area, I quit MP of that game right there. I feel like Paul in that I am getting older but also been quite content to play single player. I found the WoW experience to be “Too many people in the pool”. I’m not very comfortable even with the anonymity of the internet with just talking with random people. Perhaps because I never forget these are real people I am talking to and never just a handle and avatar.

    There was also a StarCraft II custom Map game called ‘Mafia’ that my Polycast group played. In it you are a Town trying to find the Mafia members before they kill all the Towns people during the night. There was a number of trolls going on with that game, those not taking it seriously and just trying to ruin it for everyone that did cause me to quit a few times.

    So yes the few times I have done Online MP where random strangers were involved I have quit. Hence why I stick to people I know well enough.

  • 3 AlphashardNo Gravatar // Jul 14, 2014 at 4:17 pm

    I wanted to add a question:

    You talked about Rockstar Games in a previous episode and how the hero dies no matter what. I remember at the time it upset many people that this happened. It also happened in other Rockstar Games, *spoiler* LA Noir *spoiler* and I’ve been told each GTA protagonist dies by the time you get to the next game. So I wondered why when people don’t want the “cliché” happy ending and they get the Hero dies ending instead, that they get upset about. They can’t seem to make up their mind if they want a good ending or a “bad” ending (by that I mean the Hero dies or something similar).

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