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Episode 381: Nudity Next Time

March 22nd, 2015 by jonahfalcon · 1 Comment

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This week’s episode is full of pop culture references, again, as Inspector Gadget, Matthew Broderick, My Little Pony and The Garry Shandling Show all get some airtime. In addition, Paul discusses his frustration with The Sims Freeplay, and Jonah threatens that in the next episode, he’ll be naked and Paul will wear a silly hat.

The news includes:

  • Free Windows 10 for pirates
  • Kojima breaks silence over departure rumours
  • Atari to indie dev: Stop ripping off your own work on Tempest 2000
  • Xbox For Sale – the rumours just won’t quit
  • Nintendo’s next-generation console is codenamed ‘NX’

All that and a Listener Feedback.

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  • 1 AlphashardNo Gravatar // Mar 23, 2015 at 8:49 pm

    Going for the sex sells eh? Not that anyone would know the difference either way.

    “Companies spend money like fish” Doesn’t sound like any company I’ve been at. I have at two work places that had several computers still on XP, they take a long time to upgrade anything. I’ve seen old plotters still be used from decades ago. I think companies tend to the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    Paul if you have a spare Windows 7 computer why don’t you see if Grim Fandango works on it? Or have you already tried?

    @Windows 10: Yeah it feels like a real desperate attempt at good will for the Windows OS in general. I think giving it away free for a year they feel will garner some slack. Though if you upgrade I don’t know if you can go back to Windows 7 or 8.

    @Kojima: I think Metal Gear is becoming one of those games that need to be retired now.

    @Tempest Debacle: Looking at the screen shots I feel like I have seen this game mechanic before in other games. Having never played these two I can see it’s a ship that spins around a “pit” shooting at things in the center. I feel that that was a very old Atari game at some point. However he’ll probably have to pay a settlement for this as it does look like he is trying to remake the game that belongs to Atari now. There’s making a game that uses certain mechanics and then there’s just making what looks to be a clone of what they did previously. If I made a game where you jump up and down a large block pyramid with a little orange dude named Q’bort I’m sure Atari would see through that as well.

    @Xbox for sale: If it’s for sale maybe a former console company could buy it to bring its self back like Sega or Atari. Though I don’t know if anyone would want to buy it. With the way they’ve been talking about integrating Xbox and Windows gaming I don’t think they would sell that then.

    @Nintendo’s NX Gen: I’m intrigued what they will do, if nothing else we’ll have a new name to have fun with the NX Gen.

    Since there was no QotW, I thought I’d ask something: “What do you think is the future of Old Games?” To give more context anyone who wants to read an old book, see an old movie or listen to an old song can easily do so. However with Games that will become difficult, especially in cases of games that are Online only and once servers are gone so too is the game. Later generations of people may have a hard time playing games that are no longer workable on current gen consoles or even computers. I wanted to know what your guys thoughts are on this.

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